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Default Re: Dell 2007FPB teardown


I have a 15 year old 2007WFP, which is has been a faithful servant until recently when it developed the notorious 2 seconds to black issue. I've taken it apart along with the panel and when powering it up one of the six CCFLs does not light up, the other 5 light up and shut down shortly so I got a faulty CCFL.

This is where I decided to try and upgrade it to LED backlight, ordered this kit:

And the obvious questions - where do i get the VIN (12v ?), ON/OFF and ADJ (adjustment) points (I think ground is not that difficult). Do I get them from the main board, inverter, power board ? Logic tells me on/off and adjustment should come from main (logic board) but tracing the connections they should pass through the power board and go to the inverter, does that make any sense ?

Any help is appreciated.
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