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Default iPhobe XS wont charge after battery replacement

Hi All,

Replaced a original XS battery yesterday as it was down to 78% battery health and would drain from 100% to flat within a day or so. After replacing the battery we noticed the battery would not charge, ie the phones not coming up with the charging symbol. I tried connecting it to 3U tools and that is unable to detect the phone. I took the phone apart again and this time removed the screw plate covering the connectors and left the display hinged open to make sure nothings shorting but no change. I then found the vol +/- and vibrate ribbon connector on the ribbon side has a few bent pins, could that cause a charging issue? The buttons are not working either when the phones on so that clearly needs to be replaced.

I disconnected the battery and hooked up my USB C meter and the phone initially draws 5V 0.0090A than jumps up to 0.0135A than dips back down to 0.0090A and continues fluctuating around those areas. I took resistance and diode measurements of the battery connector but unfortunately haven't been able to find reference XS values and I don't have a ZXW license. Values are (measurements taken as battery below connector and ground pins excluded) :
Pin 1 Bottom left R=3.5 D=0.001
pin 2 R=3.7 D=0.001
pin 3 R=3.6 D=0.003
Pin 4 Top left R=1 D=0.002
Pin 5 R=1M+ D=0.415
Pin 6 R=1M+ D=0.415

I'm thinking Tigris is bad, but wanted to get some advise before I go gunho on the usual suspects. Seeing pins 1-4 seem to have shorts I have not tried a new dock connector, plus I also do not have one to try. I noticed there are multiple versions of tigris and tristar, is there a way to find out which one your board uses without taking the board apart? I do not have a board separator so I would have to order one.

Short bit of history, about a year ago I replaced the display as the phone was dropped and the display had the typical green line in it. Replaced it with a OEM refurb as I do not trust aftermarket displays. Wondering if this has something to do with the battery dying so fast. The phones only a year and a half old, and it's barely used. That's really quick for a battery to loose so much of it's charge capacity. My 7+ still lasts me 3 days on a single charge.
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