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Default Re: Powerware 9120 Online UPS

I recently bought couple rarely used 9120 3000i (it seems slightly different inside by components).
I need only one UPS (second one will be a backup).
Now I am using Line-interactive UPS but the quality of electricity is not good and I want to replace current UPS to online.
Both powerware UPS in a working condition.
I was surprised that all soldered capacitors based on their datasheets have a service life just 1000-2000 Hr (at 85C or 105C).

I am going to install automatic fan regulator and add some fans - the idea is to reduce noise and organize air flow more efficient, but the average temperature inside will be increased.

Also I think to change all capacitors to new genuine brand name caps with more longer service life and higher ripple current. Due to onboard capacitors have been made about 15-17 years ago.
May be it is a very expensive idea and I need to replace just bad capacitors.

Could you please advice.

Also a question about low leakage current series.
there are Nippon KME series onboard with extremely low leakage current (.002CV ), could you please advice which series are successor of Nippon KME . May be KZM will be ok.

please see capacitors onboard

new png image thank you
instead of 470 F * 450V I am going to buy Hitachi 680 F * 450V HP32W681MRAS7 or please advice which is the best (due to price for this nominal is to high)? I never changed such big caps before may be I wrong and existing capacitors will work long time.

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