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Default Re: Dead but clicking Hanns-G HC194D?

I concur with Per here - just replace all of the electrolytic caps that you didn't replace the first time around (including the very small ones on the primary side - i.e. one being the startup cap.) The two green ones near one corner of the secondary heatsink definitely look bulged to me. And here is the thing: caps don't have to look extremely bulged or leaking to be bad. Even the slightest bulge is an indication that excess gas (Hydrogen) has already built up inside the cap from the electrolyte breaking down, which means the cap is failing.

As for the big cap - you don't really need to replace it in this case, as this PSU does not have an APFC circuit... but if the cost of $2-3 extra doesn't matter to you, then you might as well get a replacement for it too. With that kind of recap, this monitor will very likely function well past its relevant useful life.

Now while at it, also take a peek at what's on the video/logic board of the monitor, in terms of electrolytic caps. There may be a few more small caps on there that probably could also benefit from being replaced, as video/logic boards always have at least one or more linear regulators... and those often run hot too. I usually only replace the small caps near the voltage regulators on logic boards, if the regulators looked like they were running hot. If not, I forgo changing them.

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