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Default Re: Dead but clicking Hanns-G HC194D?

OK, try this: disconnect PSU board from the logic/video board, then plug in the PSU board into the wall and check those output voltages again. Are the 12V and 5V rails stable and close to their nominal values?
- If not, desolder one side of jumpers WJ11, WJ12, WJ13, & WJ14 and try the above procedure again. These jumpers should disable power going into the inverter MOSFETs. If you only get 12V rail to be stable after this, there may be an issue with the CCFL inverter circuit.

Also, does this monitor happen to have an audio input/output or any built-in speakers? Reason I ask is because sometimes those use the 12V rail... so trying to see if there's an issue with that (circuit is typically located on the video/logic board.)

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