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Default Re: Duracell Battery Charger - CEF22GBL-3

Thankyou Redwire

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I have had so many shifts in the last week.

I need to focus on the circuitry,, and try and work iut why the 12 Volts befor the diode is Ok, then After the diode, which I am unsure of they type, possibly a Zener is Zero volts.

It seems like the main IC is really complicated for what it does, as I have had the charger for at least 10 years.

The clue could be that I have had so many problems with the 9 Volt section anyway.

It’s incredibly complicated for a small unit.
I remember reading the fact that Duracell don’t build there own units, but the exact clone is under another name,
I forgot but will search my web history

Will keep yiu updated

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