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Default Re: Has anyone had issues with Rayovac Alkaline batteries leaking

I am going to answer this question once and for all about the variances between lot number of one expiration date and the lot number of a different expiration date and see how much difference in amp hours there is because I want to know if there is anything to this crap or there might be something to this but if this is the case I really would not have any confidence in there product at all and it will be because of quality issues ( weather this because of different quality of metal used different quality of electrolyte it does not matter what the issue is it still a quality issue now if is because of EPA regulations of different ingredients that can not be used anymore this is hole another issue that they do not have control over but if you can not make product that does not leak any more stop selling the product until you find a solution for the issue ) with there products and that these companies do not care about what product they are selling anymore

One note about the leaking issue with this type of battery why not put a CID on Alkaline battery if internal pressure builds up and it has to release the excess pressure and make the battery inoperable I would be all for it if it would stop them from leaking all over the place or use a thicker metal and seal material what ever you need to do to make it less likely to leak yea I know it would make the cost of them to be more ok so be it if you want to stop having clams against your products

or put a disclaimer on your product that says the following that these might leak just sitting in storage or if expiration date has passed or if use different expiration date in a device or if you use new and old batteries in a device which is already there—> this would be a much to do by the customer take a volt meter and check the battery voltage of each and every cell and do not use them if the voltage difference of 0.20 volts yea I know I am asking the customer to do to much to use this product

I will post the results of the testing results maybe today or sometime this week
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These two repairs where found with a ESR meter...> Temp at 50*F then at 90*F the ESR reading more than 10%

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All of these had CAPs POOF
All of the mosfet that are taken out by bad caps

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