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Default Re: Dell INSPIRION 15 7567 BSOD

Originally Posted by reformatt View Post
I had a very similar fault to this on the same motherboard. With a Windows 10 USB boot disk, you'd get to the spinning dots for a brief moment and it'd restart. It ran Ubuntu Linux though, but this was only using the Intel GPU, not the Nvidia GPU. It wasn't even detected.

When I took the board out, PL900 had burnt up. It's a choke, inline with +B supply that feeds the +1.35VS_VGA buck converter. Turned out one of the caps PC902/903 was shorted. It turned out to be the one on the underside of the board. So replaced that and PL900 with one off a donor board, and all working ok.

Obviously Windows 10 crashed because it couldn't initialise the Nvidia GPU. Ubuntu just didn't care.
Hi reformatt, I believe I have the exact same issue on my 7567 - I'm in contact with Dell on a replacement board but expect it to be significantly priced. I also live in Aus (down in Melbourne) so was wondering as an alternative if I could commission you to repair the fault in my laptop? I was going to PM you but don't have permissions yet due to being brand new to the forums. Cheers!
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