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Default Re: Has anyone had issues with Rayovac Alkaline batteries leaking

Originally Posted by redwire View Post
Alkaline batteries internally make hydrogen gas when they're discharging due to use or storage, or see reverse polarity (imbalanced string). They need to burp.
Problem is that also spits out caustic electrolyte, which then wicks/creeps along things due to the tiny current leakage of the wet film. The common narrative is all of this was not a problem with old battery's added mercury- which stopped the offgassing. But that ban started in 1996! so say 20 years ago. Rayovac went bankrupt in 2009, $4.4B in debt then Spectrum Brands like another P&G mega-corp has them. So they are just an acquired brand name.

What's weird today is many alkaline batteries leak badly, but others do not.
Something nose-dived in the race to the bottom for price. It's like a casino in Vegas. Duracell are the worst- even their "made in USA" ones piss just as well as ones made in Indonesia etc. regardless of lot # or expiry date.

So that looks like a quality problem has come in. I took one apart and the seal is a polypropylene piston with some bitumen, for Duracell or Energizer. Either the seal is crap or the battery's chemistry makes too much gas, or both.
Too bad they continue to "blame the customer" instead of fixing their crappy product, and make guarantee claims impossibly difficult.

Note the government definition of "Made in USA" changed, I expect wording on batteries to get cleaned up. Hear that Duracell and Mr. Buffett?
FTC Cracks Down On Violations of Newly-Codified “Made in USA” Claims Rule
"August 13, 2021, the new rule, codified at 16 C.F.R. Part 323, prohibits labeling any product as “Made in the United States” unless “the final assembly or processing of the product occurs in the United States,” “all significant processing that goes into the product occurs in the United States,” and “all or virtually all ingredients or components of the product are made and sourced in the United States.”
This says a lot and some more reasons WHY I am NOT going to buy anymore of this type of battery until all of them get there shit together
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