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Default Re: Op-amp preamp discussion

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
I'm surprised, thought those pots with tons of little detents were mechanical detents on a continuously variable background;
I thought the same from the moment it landed in my parts bin years ago, until yesterday when I tried looking up a datasheet for it and got nothing other than that page which shows one open.

I tried it out as the master volume for the headphone part of my build, just out of curiosity and just as I predicted, after just one CW click (so 50 ohms "away" from GND), it gets louder than how I'd like it to be, at least for these particular earphones and laptop, as I'm sure it'd be adequate if I maybe had higher impedance drivers, a device with a weaker output and the content itself encoded at a lower volume. The channel balance on the other hand is, as I said and as you'd expect from fixed value resistors, BANG on, to the nearest digit ! I'd like to see something else like this but with more steps, hence more resistor values packed in there because the concept is great overall, albeit it's an overall fake part nonetheless !

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