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Default Re: Dim Clock LCD on Jenn-Air wall oven

Originally Posted by Longbow View Post
The second very common problem on these stoves is that various functions begin to start up and stop by themselves. Broiler fan starts to run all the time is the usual. I have examined the control pcb minutely and found no obvious part failures. A new control pcb fixes the ghost problems. No differences can be found between a bad board and a good board. Therefore I am 99% sure that the EEPROM on the original control boards also ages (from heat) and the software finally becomes corrupted. Since it is easy to burn an 8 pin EEPROM, I would recommend that someone do just that while your control board is still working.
You could test this theory by dumping the EEPROM on your new board and replacing/flashing the EEPROM on your old board.
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