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Default Re: Powerware 9120 Online UPS

sorry for the late reply. my current UPS with simple battery balancers still work well and I have time to setup Powerware9120 without urgency.
(I made battery balancers 3 years ago and has been surprised, now batteries could survive not 2 years as previously but 5+ years at least for now. powerware 9120 has a different "clever" charging algorithm but I will put battery balancers also for 9120).
as about the capacitors:
Could you please advice what is the replacement with better working life for the following series:
1. Jamicon TK - I read in this topic that Rubicon YXF is a good replacement and has better lifetime.
I already have 100uF x50v YXF.
2. Nippon KME, based on their datasheet the replacement is KMG but lifetime is not better.
somebody at this forum recommended Rubycon PX, Nichicon VZ, Panasonic NHG.
but also the lifetime is similar low.
3. Nippon SME 2200uF x16v it seems is also unavailable series
I have UHV1E222MHDAZX Nichicon 2200 uFx25 V low impedance
is it possible to use it here?

4. AD 10uFx350VAC - non polyar capacitor, based on the information from the internet - it is one of often problem with 2000VA, 3000VA.
as I understood correctly it filters out the DC component and provides a pure sine wave at the output.

как изменить тип картинки
its size is specific
L=52.5 lead spacing seems as 47.5mm
W =22-25mm

I just found couple similar capacitors but with different size and lead spacing
could you help please - what is the best analogue of AD 10uFx350VAC ?

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