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Default Re: Need tips in fixing APC 1500VA UPS having buzzing noise

Originally Posted by budm View Post
You should try to look up the spec of the original cap to see if it is non-inductive type, high pulse type, low ESR type. just match the new cap spec with the old cap spec.
Originally Posted by Toasty View Post
That being said, Epcos B32232 sheet attached. Metallized Polyester Film.
I found caps of similar rating (20uF 250V) that are $3 each:

1. However, these are 12 years old (made in October 1998) - should it be good to go or it's too old to be of use?

2. I am assuming Metallized Polyester Film, specified Metallized Mylar should be better quality being a brand name and not a generic Polyester cap, or is Mylar and Polyester used pretty much interchangeably
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