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Default Do APC UPS emit buzzing noise when their batteries are dying

Originally Posted by Toasty View Post
Did you replace the (orange) poly cap next to it? They are wired in parallel. The poly cap should be around 2F in value. Together you get ~22F.

Thanks Toasty for the reply.

I replaced both the caps around the area and the noise remains.

Since the noise comes when the batteries are charging or when I make them discharge - could it be something because of the batteries themselves?

I saw these posts on the internet that suggest that could be a possibility:

The whine is usually caused by the charge circuit trying to push the charge to the damaged cells in the battery.

They screech like that when the battery in them needs to be replaced

It would be interesting to find out if APC UPS emit buzzing noise when their batteries are dying.

I hope APC UPS users can pitch in sharing if the heard buzzing noise from their UPS when their batteries are dying.
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