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Default Re: Windows Vista Pretty Much Sucks

Originally Posted by bgavin
I spent 4 hours on the Home Basic edition. What a pig. It is incompatible with a wide variety of stuff, plus slow as hell.

AMD 3200/64 processor, Dell E-series box. Not enough memory at 512mb, but still in the black if opening a web browser.
Nvidia chipset, Nvidia drivers aparently suck for Vista... and your board is sharing the 512 meg o ram with the onboard video?

I figure when the Mac will run MS Office and Quickbooks Pro, flawlessly, it is gonna beat Windows ass. FTR, I am not a Mac fan (nor disparager).
I've seen where people have almost the same intel chipset hardware in a PC where they could run X86 OS-X...

Apple has a leg up here since they use a finite set of hardware, whereas Microsoft has to cope with an infinite set of hardware...
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