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Cool Re: Windows Vista Pretty Much Sucks

Originally Posted by willawake
i certainly dont miss 98/ME. what a load of crap. It would develop wierd problems which would take hours of troubleshooting and in the end could only be solved with a reinstall. it was like a house of cards, mess around with stuff and vape the whole os.

2000/XP meant i no longer do much support, just dealing with failed hdds, spyware, lost menu bars etc.
I never liked win-ME but 98SE-lite worked just fine, I don't recall ever experiencing many issues in all my applications, though disappearing icons in the taskbar is nothing new as it still happens to me using XPpro SP2... a hard reboot fixes all that

I guess I'm fond of 98SE-lite because my older hardware supports it so well, PII era CPU's can and do struggle with 2K/XP releases I suppose a stripped down version of XP would be somewhat easier eh?

AFAIK it was regular win98 that had the bulk of the issues, hence the release of the Second Edition variant
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