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Default 470 'uf' 35V CapXon, Selecting the right cap.

Hey fellows,

I am repairing a TV power supply for a shutdown problem. I have read and read about CapXon caps being the absolute pits as far as quality. This PSB has 8 large size caps and 8 small ones. I plan to replace the large ones since 3 of the 8 are popped and one leaking. I don't think I need to recap the small ones even though they are the same brand.

However, The specific size/rating I am trying to get for the last cap (one that is actually leaking) is not available online here. I checked out Mouser, but it seems there are about 20 different caps to choose from in the Nichicon brand.

How can I find the right capacitor? the options I have to filter left are, Ripple Current, Load LIfe, and General Purpose or Low Impedance. Any help guys?


edit: should be a pic in another thread I started about an Olevia TV if anyone is curious for pics.

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