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Default Re: 470 'uf' 35V CapXon, Selecting the right cap.

Yes! I have seen alot of these small caps fail open (no capacitance and infinite ESR). They may look fine from the outside but they often fail open IMO. Most of these caps are from shoddy brands like CapXon, Fuhjyyu, and the like. Most of time, for the 5mm diameter caps (like 1uF and the like) are general purpose but high temperature rated caps. These are just as important to the operation of the power supply or circuit as the filtering caps (220+ uF). Since often they filter the power just for the microcontrollers, these chips control the device. If these caps happen to fail, the device may work very eratically or plain not work. So yes, as a precaution, replace ALL the capacitors.

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