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Default Re: DC Power Supply QW-MS605D

Originally Posted by R_J View Post
C24 is off the CT pin of the ic, this is the timiing capacitor, Try using the correct value. I'm not sure what is causing the problem but it seems to be shutting down the whole power supply and restarting. If C24 poped, I suspect U4 was damaged, how else could C24 "pop"?
I was wondering if that SMD (C24) was going to be the issue or the KA7500B (U4) IC...

So U4 is a KA7500B which appears to be a switched-mode power supply controller, remember I am still a Novice , it does not appear to be pricey and its available.

I am looking at a Data Sheet and the diagram in this thread;

, it appears pin 5 is the one I am having I correct?

On the C24 could I use the original too large SMD with a wire setup to the pads to test this so I can confirm the KA7500B failure?

I can then get another order in to get this thing squared away.

Thanks Again,

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