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Default Re: DC Power Supply QW-MS605D

Originally Posted by R_J View Post
You said that C24 poped, I can't see how it did it on its own, even if the cap shorted, it would not POP, there is not enough voltage on it do cause this. C24 is connected to pin5 not pin 13, or was the cap that poped, off pin 13?
Did you check that D1 was not shorted? I would also check that Q1 and Q3 are not shorted.
Correct on the Pin 5 not 13...I corrected my post but I think we missed each other....

I should have not said basically fell apart...its not a big SMD at all...I think the heat made it just disengrate. (middle was gone).

D1 tests fine not shorted.

Q1 and Q3 are not shorted and test fine as well.

On the C24 I tried the original too large SMD with a wire setup to the pads to test KA7500B failure...there was no change in the PSU...So it appears the KA7500B is not doing its job.

What amount of voltage should be on the C24 pin (5) of the KA7500B IC?

Not seeing much voltage around the IC?

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