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Default Re: DC Power Supply QW-MS605D

Ordered a 10 pack of was cheaper then buying one...go figure that one out....They are coming out of China/Hong Kong.

On the C24 it says its a CBB 2.2 uF 100 V Capacitor.

I am thinking this capacitor needs to be sorted out (Size-Wise)...whats does CBB mean?

I found the below doing a google search;

I guess another basic electronics question I have is....Is a Capacitor regardless of its type, assuming the Voltage and Farad sizes are the same, swappable?

Trying to understand capacitors...I know there are multiple types and certain types are better than others in certain circuits but in the case of just getting it running can you swap out different capacitors assuming Voltage/Farads are correct?

Thanks again,
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