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Default Re: 4700uF 6.3v and 3300uF 16v in a 10mm Diameter

Originally Posted by mockingbird View Post
I think SMG is overall superior to KMG for general purpose applications. True, SMG is 85c and KMG is 105c, but IIRC, SMG is 2000h @ 85c while KMG is 1000h @ 105c. I use SMG in wall warts where I replace what is usually an old, crusty 80s Taiwanese cap.
SMG is a fine choice, but remember that estimated lifetime doubles each 10 degrees Celcius less. KMG then should technically have double the lifetime than SMG at 4000 hours at 85C, if other factors are the same. KMG is the high-temperature variant of SMG.
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