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Default Re: Attempt to repair AMD FirePro

Originally Posted by Askic View Post
Is it possible that GPU is faulty because of overheating?
100% YES.

Don't take this offensively, but this is like driving your car and letting your engine overheat. Then it broke and you ask, could it be because it overheated? What do you think?

In this case, you have history of the GPU and you know it was overheating. So no point in wasting time trying to check any components or voltages. GPU chip is probably dead. You can try to bake it / reflow it / re-heat it / burn it with a piece of hot charcoal / whatever other creative heating method you can think of to try to revive it. But if you do, just beware that chances it will come back alive are small. And chances that it will last any decent length of time is pure luck... though generally, the cooler you keep it (provided the reflow even worked), the more likely it is to last longer... though still no 100% guarantee. By keeping cool, I mean keeping under 50-55C max under load. So that certainly means ditching the original cooler and going with something better. And for this kind of card, that probably isn't even worth it, unless you're doing it purely as a learning experience or to have fun.

All that said, though... don't get your hopes too high the reflow will work. IME, I've gotten about 15-20% success overall with getting a card to come back to life (most cards won't), and only a handful to still continue to work (after cooler mods and whatnot.) In other words, ask yourself, do you feel lucky.

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