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Default Re: How To Stop CRT Flicker

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
Things are so much easier in Linux nowadays with EDID and VESA standardization... before these standards, getting those modeline numbers took a bit of work, and even worse if you didn't have the data for your monitor to compute the modelines...

... and there was also the risk of making the magic smoke leak out of your monitor if you got the modeline numbers a bit wrong...
Especially if it was one of the el-cheapo ones that just *accepted* whatever it was given without checking to see if it was a valid signal that was in range, an out of range signal, or even a toaster. I've read quite a bit of stories about the horizontal section blowing up in monitors when too high of a horizontal refresh rate was fed into it.

Higher refresh rate = higher frequency on flyback = higher B+ and related voltage rails = closer to finding the weak link
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