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Default Re: ASUS STRIX RX570 4GB - CODE 43 Error

Originally Posted by Fulllock View Post
I am not familiar with HWINFO memory error test(?) but recently I swapped RX570 4G mem to 8G, flashed the BIOS and the card first had the same sympthoms - no GPU freq in GPU-Z and error43. I used this script to test the memory IC's and as predicted, one IC had a bad solder joint.
Thank you very much, this is very handy info, I am in the process of creating a GPU test computer, the AMDTEST file is massive and its hard on my HDDS.

I think that this might be the case with a few of my cards, because it has had a hard past life as a mining GPU I would not be surprised if one of the memory dram chips are faulty.
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