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Default Re: [HOWTO] Fix/Repair "Chassis Intruded Fatal Error System Halted" on Asus P5QL

Originally Posted by mockingbird View Post

I think this has more to do with a quirk on some Asus motherboards than it has to do with a defective battery circuit. I only have this problem on my P5PE-VM with a certain CPU installed, and I do have an unsupported CPU (Xeon hack) running in this one, so I might just try it with my Q9650 instead.
Reminds me of my Asus socket 1366 motherboard, using a Radeon RX580, causes to CMOS to get reset, a bad bug!

If this is to do with video card chronology, looks like for Nvidia, would possibly mean you can't install a later video card than a GeForce GTX 980 series on an Asus pre-UEFI motherboard and possibly a Radeon R9 290X for AMD video cards. (suspect it's the VBIOS)
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