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Default Favorite Consumer/Small Biz Grade Networking Equipment

Curious what y'all use/like.

I had great luck with TP-Link's metal-cased unmanaged switches, managed switches, and their nicer WiFi adapters although for those I always use the chipset's drives not the TP-Link provided drivers. Overall TP-Link's hardware is great and I haven't had any failures yet *knock on wood* although their software can be iffy - for example my T2600G-28TS has as the default web UI IP which is dumb as heck for a managed switch.

For routers I like Ubiquiti EdgeRouters. For APs the Unifi stuff is incredible. Unfortunately the Unifi routing stuff kinda sucks IMO. Don't get me started on Unifi Video being killed in favor the Unifi Protect... although now I just use my Unifi cams in Standalone RTSP mode with Blue Iris. It's better anyway - just wish the app wasn't so ugly.

Last resort is Netgear. Have had decent luck with it. Absolutely hate Asus routers/networking equipment. It's all trash, no matter how good the PCMag reviewers say it is.
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