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Default Need Help Identifying Component For Printer Main Logic Board HP M570DN

Hello. I know that I am asking for help with a printer, but this is specific to the printer's logic board so I figured it would be best suited under the motherboard repair forum - please move if better suited somewhere else.

I have an HP M570DN printer that has stopped being recognized by USB. This apparently happened after a lightning strike. I pulled the logic board out of the printer and did a visual inspection of the board under a microscope. Board looks ok. Then I started checking random caps looking for a shorted line somewhere. I eventually discover one. I inject 1V into the line and look under thermal camera and find a component just behind the USB port that is getting hot. This component is 6 pins and labeled "NFTF".

I did some Google searching and I did find some images of it, but the websites where those images are located on don't describe what it is. Here is the site I found that had it:

It's sort of vague and just says it's made by Texas Instruments, but I am not even sure of that's true.

I was hoping someone could help me identify this component so I could replace it and see if it restores USB connectivity rather than having to replace the entire logic board.

Thanks. Pics attached.
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