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Default Re: Fake wire gauge

How low can they

And 20AWG wire is not that thick to begin with... that's pretty thin already. 22AWG is too thin IMHO except for single SSDs probably. For things like CPU and possibly even hard disk power cable I'd want at least 18AWG...

But still might want to pull it through a strip gauge to make sure however, thicker insulation does sort of give an optical illusion the wire is thinner. Also stranded/solid can fool the eye as well.

I'm surprised, thought wire was gauged with mm˛ instead of AWG outside of the USA. AWG, like feet and gallons is a USA thing, I thought. Unfortunately this is one of those things I can't easily convert AWG to mm˛ and have to look up, so nobody give me mm˛ wire specs and expect me to know what you're talking about right away
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