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Default Re: Panasonic PBX shuts off at random

Here's the situation: I left the PBX running on my desk on Friday over the weekend and when I came back to it this Monday morning it was dead again, with the same symptoms: no 15v output and only a faint 15v on the 41v output. This time however, it wouldn't power back up, no matter what I tried, so something finally died for good, which is good for the sake of the repair, since I don't have to guess anymore. Touching my probe to pin 4 of U7 this time does nothing.

I figure U7 finally packed it for good because it has 41v on pin 1, 0v on pin 5 (SD) yet it just sits there doing nothing. I checked for shorts, didn't find any, and also checked C12 and it measured fine, so I decided to replace it and hope for the best...
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