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Default LG 50PC56 keep burn Buffers Boards

Hi, I’m new to the forum and this is my first post, so thank you in advance to having me, I have the fallowing problem, could someone please help

I have this LG 50PC56 which not display image on screen
I have already change Y-SUS and buffers 2 times! But this TV keep burning my buffers boards!
When I do install the new Buffers board I been able to see only the top half part of the screen for about 10 min, and then it blow up again! The IC get very hot and I saw some smoke come out from it, so now I have another set of buffers burn out
My question it is: I disconnect the buffers board from Y-SUS and I notice that it get very hot anyway at the point to burn your fingers! Is it normal? Does those card get electricity from the screen/panel? Or do I have a faulty panel?
I have spend money on tried to repair this TV, I change main board, Y-SUS and Buffers plus T-com what else could it be? Please if someone could address my on the right direction…Thank you in advance

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