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Default Re: LG 50PC56 keep burn Buffers Boards

Hi, thank you for reply!!
I was going to give up I have take out all boards with the intention to sell them in eBay to recover some money! But then I change my mind I did put everything back as I had the idea of desolder a good IC from one blowed set of buffers boards and solder it in stead of the one that I know was burned on the last board I brought..I did install it and now I got very dark screen with large set of moving vertical line, that I assume it is the no signal logo, if I press menu on remote I can see the set of line getting bigger as when the menu is open on same channel I get sound but not all. I touch the IC and is not hot, no one of them get hot now! Before they did get very hot even when disconnected, but attached to the screen ribbon only, now they donít! I was wandering why? Anyway If the screen was faulty wouldnít I get what I have previously describe? The buffers doesnít work but at least they donít get hot, I know because if I disconnected them will do the same, the only differenze from what describe before is that now the IC on buffers donít get hot!
My question are:
Could be the dark screen because of faulty Z sus? And the line because of faulty buffers? I was quite sure that the fault was on the panel but now I donít know anymore! The only thing I did is take out all board and put back again and solder one IC from another buffers board (which is not working)

What test can I do next? Is possible to know if the screen is faulty with some test? How can I test the Z sus?
I only have voltmeterÖIf you have any suggestion will be great! Thank you
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