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Default Re: LG 50PC56 keep burn Buffers Boards

Look at the metal interposer between the Y-SUS and buffers, one of them is the floating ground, it needs to have all the screws in and tight, they're missing everywhere, that will lead to sparks, killing the buffer boards.

Exchanging the IC is VERY difficult and a task better left to professional technicians, even a little micro offset will short pins and blow the IC again, it's very fragile and easy to rip the traces from the board.

To test your board for shorts you place the positive lead on the big pad where the two screws go for each board, disconnect the panel cables, and use the other side that is not covered in glue.

You can't have missing screws on sustainboards in a plasma, the Y-SUS is also missing, this will either kill boards or make the TV produce excessive buzzing due to poor grounding.

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