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Default Re: LG 50PC56 keep burn Buffers Boards

Good morning! Thank you, i didn't know about screws!
Do you think that my problem has been the missing screws tho... If so I can’t justify my ignorance! I could have read and asked more question before start working on this television! So I fucked 2 set of Buffers because of it!! What shame of me!

Now, do you think is still possible to get this set working again, on your opinion could be that as result of missing screws something also now could be broken? if I get new Buffer with all the screw on It will work? Do you think that the screen/panel is still good?

I do agree it's hard to change IC, but I consider myself good in soldering as I have replace GPU on videocard, I did reballing etc, but on theory as you can see I’m not that good ;-)

Today I change the T-COM, I reinstall the old one and the screen is not dark anymore! I have the same output but the screen now is brighter I will add a picture…
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