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Default Re: LG 50PC56 keep burn Buffers Boards

I didn't read properly your message sorry, I meant the ribbon from T-com to Y-SIS, but you were talking about the ribbon from the screen, sorry my mistake! what In photo 5, is the cable push in as far as it goes! It doesn't go any furder than that bro, I can guaranty you.

Which wires come out of picture? I don't understand what do u mean?

I didn't test the buffers with a voltmeter because (again) the IC get very hot which mean that is not good innit? If I had only a suspicion that was working I would have done it, but if you think I should I will

I have 2 Y-SIS I did already swap them, how can it be the Y-SIS? Could be, only if both were faulty, I brought one, which did'n solve the problem, I told the seller the that it wasn't working and he sent me another one, (he let me keep the other one) when I get the second one, I had the same output so I did assume that the fault was not on the Y-SIS....
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