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Default Re: Using car key fob as generic remote control

Check the RXB6 pinout, it has an enable pin 6 which floats high to enable data, not power save.
Some of those 433MHz RX modules have extremely weak data output 10uA (!) so a low value pullup or LED there will prevent any signal from being seen.
The SYN470R/SYN480R IC is totally gutless for output and try shut off the Arduino internal pullup resistor, no pullups anywhere and see if you get data.
There is always RX noise blips to be seen.

To troubleshoot- I took a CMOS inverter CD4049 etc. and connected it to the 433MHz RX module's output, as a buffer to then drive other gates for an LED and a speaker, and Arduino.
You can listen for what the module is picking up, beeps and boops or noise.
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