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Default Re: Desoldering help

IHMO, removing solder to remove a part can be the wrong strategy. You want to flood the part with solder so that your iron makes excellent contact with the puddle and the puddle transmits the heat into the board. I'll desolder joints to remove parts, but it's pretty easy with a heated desolder gun or even a desolder plunger pump. If I didn't have either, I'd use some PB solder to bring the melt point down a bit, keep it molten while I back the part out. Then I'd clean the solder out afterwards. Or sometimes, on a particularly stubborn board, I might keep the puddle melted and insert the new part through it. Kind of a pain, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Of course, I'm assuming a two pin through hole device. I can't see any pics, so can't really give tailored advice.
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