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Originally Posted by desert-rat View Post
With all the buildings and trees in the way , I am not sure this will work any way . I am not putting a lot of money and effort in to this . On free ride , I do buy stuff from the places that do offer free fast net . At a local lowes hard ware store I made the mistake of telling the guy that cleans up the parking lot what I doing . They cut off the torrents. There are places the cut off the wifi where there not open . There are a lot of sites that wont let you down load torrents .
There are "services" that filter web content. Many businesses and organizations subscribe to these because they don't want to have to devote staff to keeping track of all the "bad places" on the web that follks (their employees as well as "free wifi" users) might want to visit. E.g., I can't visit CL from many AP's because they host "adult content" -- easier to block the whole site than just that portion of it!

The same is true of types of network traffic (HTTP vs. SMTP vs. ...) and particular ports. Torrent traffic is relatively easy to recognize even when not bound to a fixed set of ports.

Any business run by semi-professionals (not "ma and pa") will want to protect themselves from the consequences of truly open network access -- hence the reason for the abovementioned services. (Feds visited one of the local libraries to confiscate a PC that had been used to send threatening messages to someone at the local university.)

I used to run 19.2PEP. Absolutely brutal when downloading hundred megabyte files. You're "vulnerable" (power outages, server faults, etc.) for hours at a time!

Solution: carry an external hard drive to library and use their faster connection to do so. Then, sneakernet the drive back home. It's "free" in that my tax dollars have already paid for this service regardless of whether or not I use it. Annoying that I can't do it from the comfort of my home but the 2.2 mile drive isn't that long (I'd often walk it just to get some exercise)!

As the files that I wanted to DL grew, suddenly I had to contend with session time limits -- I'd be automatically logged out when my session expired. Anything partially transferred was effectively lost.

Solution: drag a laptop to library and do the download using their WiFi while seated reading a book/newspaper (session limits only applied to use of THEIR computers as they were in limited numbers).

But, WiFi slower than wired connection so if I didn't finish before the library closed, I was again screwed.

Solution: drag laptop back outside and sit in car while it finished.

That stopped being an effective workaround when they started turning off the WiFi after hours.

Eventually, bit the bullet and installed faster service at the house -- JUST for those downloads. Because "ACCESS" was more important to me than "FREE". Now, I don't sweat 20GB downloads -- unless my ISP goes down! They don't block torrents but I'm sure they monitor (and, perhaps, shape!) my traffic! OTOH, I'm not DLing movies or music or other DMCA-type content that might bring them (because of me) to anyone's attention!
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