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Originally Posted by Hamie View Post
I use a formuler z7+ stb. Couldn't care less what's on or isnt on a smart TV. The processor and ram in a smart TV is generally hopeless.
I've found almost all of them "adequate" for their CODEC implementations. I would never try to use one to "browse the web", "send email", etc.

But, their CODECs aren't updated to remain current with changes in container formats, etc.

And, the network interface often RELIES on a connection to the outside world -- even if serving video from a media tank. So, you need an STB (or equivalent) at the TV in order to get an uncrippled network interface. And, then you're stuck cabling in via HDMI/Composite/Component/VGA/whatever. This is just silly when the TV has everything it needs to process the video from the network (WITHOUT having to "phone home" to do so!)
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