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Originally Posted by CapLeaker View Post
got an samsung 40MUxxxx I got updates for 2 1/2 years. I use a Intel NUC with an i5, SSD, 16gb ram, running linux as my TV box.
What were the nature of those updates? I.e., were they "bug-fixes" (to address f*ckups in their implementation)? Or, feature enhancements (to add capabilities not originally present)? Or, updates to remain current with evolving standards (CODECs, HTML/Java, etc.)?

I.e., did you feel ike the TV was "current" 2.5 years later, when compared to other sets that were on the market at that time?

Is your "TV box" just acting as a media tank? Or, is it making up for current inadequacies in the TV's implementation?
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