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Unhappy Re: "Smart" TVs

Sorry for jumping on this thread, but it just so happens I just purchased a new Samsung telly yesterday and ended up being rather disappointed with the set of features it offers and this discussion comes pretty close. The model is ue58ru7172, though I think it's a "regional" model, built for East Europe, since I can't find anything about this model anywhere else. The RU in the model might actually stand for Russia. It's a Tizen nonetheless...

Anyway, we chose it mainly based on its size and decent price, since that's pretty much the only thing it's got going for it. Yeah, ok, it's 4k and claims it's a "Smart" TV but what isn't nowadays ?! It's got a standard web browser and other apps which you never use, like Netflix, YT and god knows what, but that's about it ! For comparison, our previous one, despite being a dinky 32 incher, was packed with features when we got it like 5-6 years ago: plenty of inputs (which is something I kinda miss), a "smart remote", DLNA, an IR blaster, bluetooth support... My folks chose it because they thought they never use those features anyway, but it's disappointing to think you just bought something that's brand new but kinda sucks compared to the original.....I thought I could maybe hack into it to enable those features, but I doubt it's possible.
For instance, the smart remote: the TV itself DOES have bluetooth, ironically enough, because my phone detects it, but it has no way to actually scan for devices, so I can't put the TV into "discovery" mode to try and pair my old smart remote with this new telly !

I must've mulled this over for at least a couple of hours, until I realised that it's probably easier to just screw the TV and just do this:
Originally Posted by Curious.George View Post seems the wisest move is to just use a "computer" (or, an STB -- hoping the STB manufacturer has a greater incentive to keep supporting their product) to provide the "Smart" features and just use the TV as a giant "monitor". This (computer-based) approach also gives you a lot more control over what the set can do and how it does it!
Pretty disappointing, I must admit, especially since for the same exact price, they could've gone with a slightly smaller, but "smarter" one, akin to what we had before. Turns out this is a pretty low-end model, with only a basic set of features and no "smart" functionalities, aside from maybe that web browser. I think there's two levels of "smartness" to these Sammies: the base model, which is just called a "Smart TV" with no other badges and frills and the fancier "Smart HUB" devices, which is what the 32 inch one boasted, which also enables those trick features like the accelerometer remote and
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