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Default Re: How to Recondition (Reform) Electrolytic Capacitors and Why

Originally Posted by Behemot View Post
Because you are overstepping the rated ripple current by several magnitudes?
That doesn't matter. You can apply ripple currents much larger than the cap is rated for, as long as you don't do it at such a rate that it causes the internal temperature of the cap to rise above the allowable limits.

Think of it like pushing 5 Watts of power through a resistor rated for only 1 Watt. Can you do it? The answer is YES - however, only if you limit the duration of that power level so that the AVERAGE power dissipation does not exceed the 1 Watt rating. In other words, you can dissipate 1 Watt of power through the 1-Watt resistor continuously. But if you want to dissipate 5 Watts, then you can only do it for 1/5 of a second every second... or 1/10 of a second twice a second... or 1/20 of a second four times in a second.... and etc.

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