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Default Re: wfco power converter 8855 in camper

i put a 12 volt car battery as a load and before i tested voltage on car battery and it was 12.80 and want i connected ac power there is still 12.80 vdc no climing up...the 2 big ceramic resistor do comme hot,fan not turning on,and the big heat sink don't even warm up,stay cold.the client brought me this unit as is,even him don't remember why these wires where loose.and i did check the cap by taking them out and tested with a meter,they where less than 5 to 10% off the normal rate.and yes only one cap on 12vdc side....but i will re-do a second check in case i missed something.and thanks r.j for the pin out help you giving me,i really did not do much of this unit so i will take all the help i can.
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