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Default New Asrock 775i65g 3.0 with Chemi-con KZG caps - replace now or wait?

I bought 3 Asrock 775i65g 3.0 boards from Newegg about a year ago, when they were selling them new, to use for Windows 98. So far I've only used one of them periodically and haven't had any noticeable problems with it.

I recently checked to see what capacitors were on it, since it is from the era of bad caps, and it has 4 Chemi-con KZG 1000μF caps, with a few OST RLX caps by the CPU socket. The rest of the board is comprised of smaller Samxon caps. There are no visible signs of anything wrong.

I've read that the KZG series can go bad, even when not in use, and will fail 100%, but since I'm only using the boards infrequently for short periods of time with overpowered hardware that isn't stressed by the software (Pentium e5800 and Geforce 4 ti 4800se), should I bother replacing them if there are no symptoms of failure yet?

I have no prior soldering experience so it would mean either paying a professional or learning how to do it myself. I probably will eventually learn, but I would rather work on a board that is already exhibiting problems. Would it be worth paying a professional now, so I have at least one board that I know has good caps on it? How risky is it to wait?

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