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Default Re: New Asrock 775i65g 3.0 with Chemi-con KZG caps - replace now or wait?

As far as I know, no capacitor series or brand has a 100% failure rate except Sacon FZ maybe and possibly a select few series of old.

Was the 775i65g R3.0 manufactured anytime before 2008 or 2009? If not, you can probably leave the 1000F 16V KZG on the VRM input of the CPU there. I've not seen a KZG made after 2007 or 2008 fail without a good reason. The "plague" KZG were made between 2001-2007, to the best of my knowledge. I'd be more worried about the OST RLX on the VRM output, especially with their tendency to fail without signs. If this is your first time replacing caps, a RoHS compliant motherboard would not be an easy experience due to the many layers present within the motherboard, along with the thick ground and power planes around the CPU VRM area which would soak up the heat from any one soldering iron rather quickly. A soldering iron with good heat transfer (be it in watts or an effective tip) is a must. You can either A) roll the dice and see what happens with "new" motherboards or B) try to learn to solder yourself and see how that goes (but I highly recommend learning on a spare board you don't care about) or C) send your motherboards to a professional repairing service.
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