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Default Re: New Asrock 775i65g 3.0 with Chemi-con KZG caps - replace now or wait?

Originally Posted by PeteS in CA View Post
Sometimes a date code is silk-screened onto the MB. And sometimes a date code is part of the serial number.
There's nothing that looks like a date in the serial number but there is a "17 12" etched on the back which maybe corresponds to 2012?

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
I'd replace anything KZG or KZJ regardless of being new / new old stock... I've seen both of those series die on the shelf with zero hours on them.
Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
RoHS compliant boards use lead-free solder which has a higher melting point. The problem with older Pentium 4 era ASUS/ASRock boards is they tend to favor the usage of crap craps from the factory (OST, KZG, Nichicon HM with bad date codes, LTEC, Taicon, GSC, Teapo, Elite, etc..) so a recap may inevitably be in order for the sake of longevity. Added to that, ASUS and ASRock boards use the shaded side of the polarity circle to indicate the positive side rather than the negative side, so it's something to keep in mind when installing new caps.
Damn... ok. Well here are the total counts:

OST RLX 6.3v 1500μF x5
Chemi-con KZG 16v 1000μF x4
Samxon gk(m) g7a 6.3v 1000μF x19
Samxon ks(m) g7a 16v 100μF x11

Which caps would be suitable replacements? What would be the estimated total cost to have it done professionally? I know this site would charge 100, which seems decent I guess, although I wonder if I could get a discount considering the board is still working fine, so no problems would have to be diagnosed. I don't know how much that is factored into the cost.

Other than that, how would I find someone near me that actually knows what they're doing? Most repair shops around me just seem focused on phones or basic computer maintenance like removing viruses, transferring files, getting scanners working etc.

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