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Default Re: Reprogram Philips Winbond EEPROM with ATMEGA328P

Originally Posted by Biruslapio View Post
It looks like it's not a simple caveman setup like "connect eeprom to board and flash", it needs resistors, diodes, and without a proper pcb it will be a flimsy mess, so I give up and will just buy a proper CH341A + tools.

The listing I'm buying from only lists compatibility to 25Q64BV and 25Q64FW, will it not work with 25Q64FV?
Depending on the software you have for the ch341a i would use version 1.30 just ignore the orientation of the ic in the programmer picture and use the location on pin1 on your programmer. Click on detect in software and it will give you options to identify the flash ic. Just select closest to the flash ic you have. It will programme the flash ic up correctly. If you are going to programme regularly then you will need and adapter to convert to SOP8 to DIP8 get the wide 200mil one otherwise ic will not fit in the adapter! Don't buy the clip as it gives unreliable results if you are using in circuit without removing the flash ic!
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