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Default Re: Need some help with Epson Printer Power Supply.

Originally Posted by UglyBetty View Post
On C12, I just measured across the leads of the cap.

I disconnected the power supply from the main board and measured the ohm value across the +42 volt terminal and to the one of the ground terminals. It measures 0.3 ohms. I would say it's on the main board.

May just replace the main board and be done with it.....
C12 is a 25v volt capacitor and you measured 165volts across it? I don't think so.
With power supply disconnected from the main board you measured the short on the MAIN BOARD correct?
Check if Q10 and Q11 are shorted, If they are not shorted, IC2 regulator may be shorted, there are a number of capacitors and ic's that connect to the +42v supply.

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