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Default Re: Motherboard schematics archive?

I came here years ago when I was attempting to revive the PSU in an old Viewsonic display... several years later and I find myself here again thanks to my 2010 Macbook Pro.

Basically, I've absolutely flogged this thing for the last 7 years, a chunk of it when I did a 4 hour a day train commute. A while ago after a major overhaul to Apple's hardware abstraction layer for UI rendering, a lot of stuff finally got offloaded to the GPU that people didn't know was still done in software.

This was great for my desktop, but essentially gave my Macbook a falling disease, getting kernel panic a few seconds after the GPU would be switched in. I was surprised it hadn't happened sooner as most mac users are aware that various models with discreet Nvidia GPUs up to 2011 are ticking timebombs. My previous model was a 2006 version with an 8600M, and it eventually just went black one day.

I was about to give up and started considering a replacement machine, however I was on a tight budget and really wanted to find an alternative. Having a fair bit of experience working with some very competent high end hardware designers, I was wary that much of the info I'd found from people reflowing or reballing seemed to be leaning more in the direction of witchcraft than actual engineering. Eventually I found a thread where I discovered actual insight regarding fixes made know by Duke Fawks and Louis Rossmann.

That sent me on the hunt for more information and eventually schematics/board files, leading me here where I found what needed on mariushm's ftp server (thanks).

Because I'm interstate and all my tools are in storage, I went looking locally for someone competent to do the replacement, but everyone laughed at me and said they wouldn't touch that stuff. So then a really cheap chinese rework station off ebay, soldering supplies and caps from RS, and even for $100 from SCRATCH, I'm laughing back.

After replacing the offending $2 part a couple of weeks ago, it started, and then didn't panic, so with nothing to lose, plugged in my 25" WQHD display which runs natively at the GPUs maximum capable resolution of 2560x1440... and after 4 weeks, not one panic and no need to restart.

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