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Default Re: Motherboard schematics archive?

This is a treasure trove of info, manuals and schematics. I went to the FTP site but could only access the ala_borbe directory -- the others required logon credentials.

** Update ** Changed from IE11 to Chrome and no logon credentials requested. Some config in IE11 I guess...

I'm looking for the schematic for the MSI P45 Platinum (MS-7512 v1.1) mobo. In particular between the Northbridge P45 chip and the 4 DIMM slots. I've lost channel A and suspect a bad capacitor. These are solid caps and unless they explode they don't show much in the way of physical indications of failure and I would like to narrow things down a bit before starting to pull/test caps.

Anybody know where I could find a schematic for this mobo?

Thanks in advance...
Seattle, WA

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